What You Should Know About Invisalign

9 February 2022
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

There are many ways to enhance your smile's appearance, but if you have misaligned teeth, orthodontics will likely provide the results you desire. If you need braces to achieve your goals, there are many options to consider, from traditional metal braces to plastic aligners. For those who want a removable form of braces, Invisalign is an excellent choice. Here are three things you need to know about Invisalign before committing to this treatment.  

How It Works

While most are familiar with how traditional metal braces work, the Invisalign treatment process may be somewhat of a mystery. Before committing to this treatment, you need to know how it works. Invisalign uses a series of custom clear plastic aligners to move your teeth into the desired position. It's necessary to wear the aligners for most of the day, but you can take them off to eat and drink. Your treatment plan will vary depending on your needs, but most find that Invisalign is a convenient option. 

How Long It Takes

Another thing to consider about Invisalign treatment is how long it will take to see results. The answer to how long it will take will depend on your circumstances. Some orthodontic issues do take longer to treat than others. However, Invisalign works well for many cases, and the timeline for treatment is comparable to that for traditional braces. For most patients, Invisalign treatment takes between 10 and 24 months. How well you follow the treatment plan will also impact your timeline. Not wearing your aligners as instructed may mean more time spent on treatment. 

How Much It Costs

What you pay for Invisalign will vary depending on the complexity of your treatment. Invisalign can treat many types of orthodontic issues. However, the more complex your case is, and the longer treatment takes, the higher your costs will be. Treatment can range anywhere from $1,800 to $9,500. Payment plans are often available for those who cannot pay the total cost upfront. While Invisalign may seem pricey, it's comparable in cost to other types of braces and orthodontic treatments. 

If you are looking into Invisalign, here's what you should know. First, knowing how treatment works will help you determine if it's the right option for your needs. Second, how long Invisalign takes will vary, but treatment usually ranges from 10 months to two years. Finally, consider the cost of Invisalign before committing to a treatment plan. 

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