Is Teeth Whitening Dangerous? A Quick Guide You Should Read Before Making Your Choice

4 June 2021
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

Teeth whitening is a popular procedure that many Americans use each year to get that perfect smile. The truth of the matter is that when it is done properly, teeth whitening is perfectly safe and a great way to enhance your overall look. The trouble is that there are many options out there that are less effective than professional treatments, which is why you should always go to a dentist for this treatment.

Don't Buy Online 

Whenever you hear an ad for teeth whitening material and strips, you should understand that what they are really talking about is hydrogen peroxide in one form or another. Hydrogen peroxide is commonly known as bleach, which is a slightly less comforting word. This in and of itself is not dangerous, but the many ways and formulas you can make hydrogen peroxide with can be, which is why buying do-it-yourself kits off the internet (or even in person at the pharmacy) is laden with risk.

Safety First

A dentist uses hydrogen peroxide to bleach your teeth as well (unless you are using laser teeth whitening treatment, which is perfectly safe) but they have trained for years in oral and dental health. They know what will be corrosive and what is safe to use, and if anything goes wrong at all, they are in a controlled, hygienic environment where they can provide treatment. You know that what you are getting at a dentist is quality, safe teeth whitening treatments that are backed up by medical science and years of professional experience.

Why Risk It?

While visiting the dentist might cost a bit more, you need to think about the level of risk you take by trying to whiten your teeth at home. Not only could the product be dangerous, but even if it isn't, what happens if you leave it in for too long or are not familiar with the process? What about if you accidentally get some on your skin or in your eyes, or if your little sibling gets their hands on it? The risk of having potentially dangerous material in the home is not worth it. It is good to be confident about the procedure, but it is also important to be smart, so go to a dentist if you want teeth whitening! A dentist can provide professional treatment and teeth whitening results that you can guarentee. For more information, contact a local dental office.