How To Clean Your Invisible Braces

29 October 2020
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If you have recently decided to wear invisible braces, you might wonder what the daily routine looks like when you embark on a new journey toward dental health. Like anything else you wear in your mouth to address dental issues, Invisalign and other invisible braces must be cleaned regularly.

Are you interested in invisible braces? This is what you need to know about cleaning your braces for the best possible results.

Brush Your Trays Daily

Just as you need to brush your teeth each day, you also need to brush your invisible braces' trays. These trays can accumulate debris on top and underneath, which can be very bad for your teeth. Brush your teeth with paste and your trays with water.

Your brushing routine involves flossing your teeth as well. Letting debris accumulate between your teeth and then covering them with braces all day can spell bad news for your teeth, so make sure you are clearing these areas out with dental floss.

Soak Your Trays Each Day

Many dentists recommend that you soak your trays for the two hours a day you are not wearing them. This gives your tray a deeper clean. A special solution provides you with the deep clean you need to keep your trays the right color: clear.

Keep Your Trays Out When You Eat

It is important that you take your trays out when you are eating or drinking. Otherwise, you run the risk of staining your trays, which then forces you to walk around with what appears to be stained teeth for the rest of the time you wear those trays.

When you do take your trays out, make sure that you don't expose them to the air. They can dry out or become exposed to dirt and debris. Not only can this make them dirty, but it can also make them uncomfortable to wear.

Get New Trays As You Need Them

It is also very important that you get your new trays as you need them. This will help you avoid wearing your current trays too long, something that is not necessarily great for your teeth, especially if the trays become dirty.

Speak With Your Dentist Today

If you still have questions about cleaning your invisible braces or you want to begin the process of getting some, your dentist can help you. Schedule your appointment today to begin the process of getting a brand-new smile.