Here's How Straightening Your Teeth Can Help With TMJ

20 September 2019
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Temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMJ, can be a big problem for its sufferers. TMJ can not only cause joint pain and clicking in the joint but, in extreme cases, stiffness or downright locking of the joint. If you've ever had these problems and know that you have TMJ, it's possible that getting braces could help you to stop suffering. Here's what you need to know about invisible braces treatment and how it can help with TMJ.

How Normally Aligned Teeth Work

When your teeth are perfectly straight and even, the jaw works at its best. Even in people without TMJ, a straight smile is a must in reducing stress and discomfort on the joints.

When teeth are straight and even, the pressure is equally distributed across all of them. When your mouth is at rest, your jaw can relax while the teeth absorb equal amounts of pressure.

How Crooked Teeth Work

When your teeth aren't straight, things aren't so cut and dry. Having crooked teeth usually creates places of abnormal pressure on said teeth. This is because when one or more teeth are out of alignment, it leads to some teeth standing taller than others. Then, when your jaw is closed, it can't fully rest because those teeth stick up and keep your jaw from fully closing and relaxing. This is not only bad for your teeth, as abnormal pressure can cause damage over time, but it can put additional stress and tension on your temporomandibular joints. This can increase the number of symptoms you have and lead to problems like clicking or cracking of the joint.

Additional Invisible Straightening Benefits

One of the biggest problems that people with TMJ have that can make the situation worse is grinding their teeth. Unfortunately, it's rather common because of the way that the jaw lines up. However, doing so can potentially make your pain worse and can lead to damage to your teeth.

The nice thing about invisible braces is that they can act as an extra layer of protection. They wrap around the teeth and shield them from the opposing row of teeth, preventing damage even if you grind during your treatment.

Temporomandibular joint disorder is something that can put you in pain throughout your entire day. Why put up with it any longer than you have to? Talk to an orthodontist about getting invisible braces, like Invisalign, and learn what kind of benefits they can offer you.