Considering Invisalign As An Adult? What You Need To Know

20 August 2019
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

Your smile has a major impact on your appearance. For many adults, crooked or misaligned teeth can have a negative impact on their self esteem. The good news is that orthodontic treatment is available at any age and can make a big difference. In fact, one in five orthodontic patients is an adult. Invisalign is a popular option for adults since the clear plastic aligners are virtually undetectable and allow you to eat the foods you enjoy. If you are considering this treatment as an adult, here are three things that you should know.

The Cost of Treatment

The first thing that you will want to consider when it comes to Invisalign services is the cost. Costs will vary depending on the length of your treatment and also the extent of your treatment. On average, you can expect to pay between $3,300 and $6,200 for Invisalign. If you lose an aligner tray during your treatment, replacement costs are typically between $100 and $200 depending on whether only one tray needs to be replaced or if a set needs to be replaced. Your dental insurance may cover some of the costs depending on your policy.

The Length of Treatment

Another thing to consider if you are looking into Invisalign is how long you can expect your treatment to last. For most adults, treatment time with Invisalign is between 12 and 18 months in total. Complex cases can take longer. If you have a significant amount of crowding or misalignment, your treatment time can be 24 months or longer in total. You need to wear your aligners between 20 and 22 hours each day in order to see the desired results. If you are considering Invisalign, it's important that you are able to wear your aligners for the required amount of time each day.

Regular Visits to The Orthodontist Are Needed

Another thing to consider when it comes to Invisalign is that regular trips to the orthodontist will be needed in order to ensure that your treatment is progressing as it should. Making it to these appointments for adjustments is a key part of your treatment. If you are considering Invisalign, making sure that it will fit into your busy schedule is key. Consistency in your treatment will ensure that you get the results you are looking for. 

If you are considering Invisalign as an adult, there are a few things that you should know. First, costs can vary but your treatment will likely be a few thousand dollars. It's also a big time commitment. For the best results your aligners should be worn between 20 and 22 hours per day. Regular visits to the orthodontist are also necessary with Invisalign.