A Dental Implant Can Fill The Gap Caused By Your Missing Tooth And Improve Your Smile

25 June 2019
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If you have a missing tooth, especially if it's in the front where the gap is visible, you might wonder if a dental implant is right for your situation. Implants can be put in nearly any adult mouth. Age isn't a factor. Instead, the dentist considers things like your oral health and overall general health. Here are some other things to know about having a dental implant put in.

The Procedure Isn't Painful

It probably sounds painful to have a screw put in your jawbone, but the area is anesthetized, first, so you feel no pain. Undergoing the procedure is similar to other dental work. The procedure is done in a dental chair and you'll have an anesthetic shot before the procedure begins.

You Might Wear A Temporary Tooth For A Few Months

The first step in getting an implant is to have the screw or rod put in. The next step is to wait for your bone to fuse with the rod so a permanent crown can be put in. Your dentist may decide to put on a temporary crown while you wait. This allows you to leave the dental office with a tooth in the gap the same day. However, you'll need to go back once your bone has healed and your permanent crown is made so the permanent crown can be put on. The permanent crown should last for many years, while the temporary crown isn't mean to last for very long.

You'll Care For The Implant Like A Real Tooth

A crown won't get a cavity, but you'll still need to brush the implant and floss around it so your gum stays healthy. An implant doesn't require any special care, although your dentist will check it, when you have your routine dental exams. Once your permanent crown is put on, the implant is like having a real tooth again. You can chew on it and brush it like normal and,  because the crown color matches your other teeth, the implant will blend right in.

An implant fills the gap in your teeth with an artificial tooth and root, so it's almost as good as having your old tooth back. If you're embarrassed by the gap in your teeth, an implant helps you feel more comfortable with your smile, too. Talk to an implant dentist to see if an implant is a good choice for your missing tooth. Once the implant is in, your gap will be a thing of the past.