How To Avoid The Awkwardness Of Braces For Teenagers

27 October 2017
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

Getting through the teenage years can be difficult enough on their own without having to deal with unsightly braces on one's teeth. However, youth is the best time to get braces, since the jaw hasn't finished growing yet and teeth are more easily adjusted. While there was once a time where there was no choice but to get unsightly metal braces to have one's teeth straightened, that is thankfully no longer the sole reality. If you want your teen to get braces but don't want them to feel miserable about their appearance, here are three alternative options.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are actually standard metal braces and work in the same way as normal metal braces. They're a great choice for anyone who needs significant adjustments in their smile or tooth alignment. However, unlike standard metal braces, they sit behind the teeth instead of in front of them.

Lingual braces allow the user to gain all of the benefits of standard metal braces without having a mouth full of metal on display whenever they smile. Instead, the braces are hidden on the inside of the teeth and are rarely ever visible. They're a great choice if your teen needs significant adjustments or you want their adjustments to be finished as quickly as possible without being embarrassed.

Invisible Braces

Another good option is invisible braces. Invisible braces tend to have a bit slower straightening process than standard or lingual braces. While they excel as aligning teeth and closing gaps, they aren't a good choice for people for serious jaw malformations. However, if your teen only needs to have their teeth adjusted, they can choose invisible braces.

Invisible braces have an added bonus in that they can be removed whenever your teen likes. This means that your teen can take them off to brush and floss, which will help to keep their teeth healthy, and to eat. Being able to eat without braces on means that they won't have to have a restricted diet. Best of all, invisible braces are nearly impossible to detect.

Transparent Braces

Lastly, transparent braces bridge the gap between lingual braces and invisible braces. Transparent braces sit on the front of teeth, but they are made out of transparent plastic that makes it harder to notice them. Transparent braces are a great choice for some patients that don't qualify for lingual braces due to their realignment needs.

Getting your teen's smile straightened doesn't have to make them so miserable that they never smile again. Talk to a dentist or teenager orthodontics service about the new options to find out which are best for your teenager.