A Porcelain Crown For A Chipped Tooth

29 November 2016
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When you bite down on a hard substance, such as a piece of hard candy or an ice chip, there is a chance that you could chip a tooth. Many chips are minor and may only affect the appearance of a tooth. Even though the health of the tooth is still good, having a chipped tooth near the front of your mouth can make it difficult to be confident about your appearance, especially when you smile.

Just as there are restorative applications to protect the health of your tooth, there are cosmetic dental applications to improve the appearance of a chipped tooth. A porcelain crown is one of them.

A Porcelain Crown

Dental crowns are used to enclose the entire natural crown of a tooth. Thus, when a crown is placed over a chipped tooth, the chip is no longer visible. 

There are many different types of crown materials, including resin and metal. However, porcelain crowns are often preferred because of the similarities between porcelain and natural tooth enamel. Porcelain is translucent and white, and the surface can be smoothed to mimic that of a tooth. 

If you decide to have a porcelain crown applied to restore the look of your chipped tooth, expect the application to take at least a couple of dental visits to complete. The dentist will need to make an impression of your oral cavity, so the crown can be prepared from the mold and will fit perfectly in your mouth. The crown will likely be fashioned in a dental laboratory, and you will need to return to the dental office after the crown has been created and is ready for placement. 

In some cases, your dentist may have a CAD/CAM machine available in his or office. These devices can allow your porcelain crown to be prepared in a single visit.

A CAD/CAM machine uses digital images to create a map or plan that can be followed by a computerized milling machine. The machine creates the porcelain crown based on the specifications of the imaging. After the crown is made, the dentist can make small adjustments if needed, but the crown should be ready to cover your chipped tooth. 

Regardless of whether your porcelain crown is made in laboratory or created using CAD/CAM technology, the crown will not only beautify the chipped tooth, but it will also help protect it from further damage.

To learn more ways to make your chipped tooth look more attractive, schedule an appointment with a cosmetic dentist at a clinic like Wallington Dental.