2 Natural Remedies To Help Soothe Soreness After Getting Clear Aligners

3 October 2016
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

As you become an adult your teeth tend to retain the same alignment. However, if you happen to lose your teeth after your permanent teeth have grown in, then this can cause a shift. Your existing teeth will shift into these empty slots. This throws the whole alignment of your natural teeth off. While getting traditional braces is usually the answer for crooked or poorly aligned teeth, this isn't always the favorite option if you are an adult. Therefore, dentists often recommend transparent braces or clear aligners. Clear aligners work the same way as braces but they can be removed. Initially, wearing your aligner can cause soreness since your teeth are not used to this correction. Fortunately, there are a few natural remedies that you can use to help take care of this soreness.

Apply a Gel Filled Pad Against Your Mouth

Heat therapy is often used as a simple and natural form of pain relief for muscle soreness. The same technique can be used to help treat tooth soreness experienced when wearing clear aligners. Heat works for easing soreness because it helps to increase oxygen flow to the areas that are in pain. This increased level of oxygen not only promotes healing but helps to manage the pain. A gel-filled pad can be used by heating the pad up in the microwave. Before applying the pad on your mouth, wrap it a few times in a clean cloth. Hold the pad against your mouth for a few minutes on and off for at least an hour. The longer you do this, the more your discomfort will subside.

Create a Birch Leaf Oral Rinse

Essential oils are often used to help treat internal and external ailments. Birch leaf is one of many essential oils that is used as a treatment for soreness because of its analgesic properties. The essential oil is created from the leaf of a plant and can be used in lotions and oral rinses. In order to create a birch leaf oral rinse, simply boil a pot of hot water and pour it into a cup. Add a few drops of the birch leaf essential oil and wait for it to cool. Hold the rinse around your teeth and the other areas that are causing you pain. You can use the rinse whether or not you are wearing your clear aligners at the time. Keep it in your mouth for several minutes before getting rid of it.

A natural and simple remedy may be what you need to curb your soreness after getting your clear aligners. Therefore, use these recommendations to help you do this.