Improving Your Smile: Snap-On Dentures

10 May 2016
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Dentures are great way to replace missing teeth and improve your appearance. A dental innovation known as snap-on, or snap-in, dentures can give you an attractive smile and also has some advantages over traditional dentures regarding their fit. The following article examines this promising treatment more closely.  

What It Is  

Snap-on dentures are a type of dental appliance that fit more securely in your mouth than traditional dentures. They are not affixed to your gums with an adhesive, but stay firmly in place through implants. The implant, typically a titanium post, has a protruding top that fits into a receptacle in the denture. Once you "snap" the denture into position it will fit tightly, without the loose or uncomfortable feeling of some traditional dentures. The number of implants you will require can vary, based on the width and length of your arch. 

The Process 

The procedure for getting snap-on dentures starts with having mini-dental implants surgically placed in your gums. Mini-dental implants are not as large as traditional implants, so the surgery is less complicated and a lengthy recovery period is not required. 

If you already have a pair of dentures, they can be modified to fit over the mini-implants. If you do not yet have any dentures, the dentist can give you a temporary appliance until your snap-on dentures are available. Once your new dentures are ready, the dentist will explain how to snap them on properly and how to easily remove them. 

Upper and Lower 

You have the option getting snap-on dentures for your upper teeth, your lower teeth, or both. Traditional dentures that fit over your lower teeth often feel less secure than those on your upper teeth. Suction helps keep upper dentures tight in the mouth, but the lower part of your mouth has little suction so lower dentures generally feel less secure. For this reason, you might decide, after a consultation with your dentist, to get snap-on dentures only for the lower part of your mouth. 

Food Choices

Traditional dentures that feel loose can restrict the type of foods that you eat. If your dentures are not secure, you may not want to eat foods such as apples and steaks, for example. With snap-on dentures the extra feeling of security allows you to eat a wider variety of foods without fearing that your dentures might slip.  

For more information about the possible benefits of getting snap-on dentures, make an appointment with a local cosmetic dentist.