Is It Ever Too Late To Have Your Tooth Gap Fixed?

24 March 2015
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

Have you been staring at the gap between your two front teeth in disdain for years, but failed to do anything about it because you thought you were too old for braces? Here's some good news for you: you're never too old to fix your tooth gap, and doing so may not even require you to wear braces at all. As long as your other teeth are reasonably straight, your orthodontist can likely close the gap between your teeth within a few months by using either rubber bands or invisible aligners.

Closing a Tooth Gap with Rubber Bands

Perhaps the simplest method to close your unsightly tooth gap is with rubber bands. This method generally works for patients whose other top teeth are rather close together, and also relatively straight. If there is a lot of space between your other top teeth, rubber bands are not a great method for closing your tooth gap, since they just push the teeth together and will leave larger gaps between your other teeth.

Using rubber bands to close a tooth gap is very simple. Your orthodontist will provide you with some rubber bands and specific instructions for how often you should change them. The band simply loops around your two front teeth, putting gently pressure on them to encourage them to slide closer together. Many patients experience results within 30 days.

Closing a Tooth Gap with Invisible Aligners

If your other teeth are crooked or have space between them, don't panic. You probably still don't need metal braces to close your tooth gap. Invisible aligners, also known as Invisalign, are specially designed plastic plates that snap over your teeth and slowly move them into position. An orthodontist can order a set specifically made for your mouth, which will not only move your two front teeth together, but will also straighten your other teeth.

Invisible aligners offer many benefits over braces. You can take them out to eat and brush your teeth, there are no metal pieces to catch your tongue on, and they're practically impossible to see on the surface of your teeth. Typically, you'll be given a set of aligners and need to change them every several weeks. Some patients have to wear aligners for as few as 6 months to experience the desired results.

If you've been hating your tooth gap for years, now is the time to take action and have it changed. Visit your orthodontist and ask about the methods above. Chances are good that one will work one for you, and you can have the perfect smile you've always wanted.