Knocked Out Teeth: How They Can Be Replaced with Dental Implants Fast

19 January 2015
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Were you in a fight that ended up with a few of your teeth getting knocked out? The great news is that you may be able to get them replaced without a long wait if you opt for dental implants. Here's how a cosmetic dentist can replace your missing teeth in an exceptional amount of time and whether or not your insurance policy will cover some of the expenses or not.

How Can Missing Teeth Be Replaced with Dental Implants in a Timely Manner?

The time it takes to replace your missing teeth will depend on how healthy your teeth and gums are. If you had overall good health before your teeth were knocked out, it is likely that you can go right into the procedure for dental implants. Otherwise, you will have to be treated for any poor oral health conditions that you may have.

You will get an X-ray to find out if your jawbones are strong enough for dental implants. A visual examination will also be done to find out if you have gum disease, cavities, or an abscess. Treating weak jawbones can be done with bone grafting, which is basically a procedure that will involve the removal of healthy bone and placement of it where it is needed. An abscess must be treated with a root canal and then the cavities will be filled.

If you only have a slight gum infection, you will likely have to take antibiotics before getting implants. Taking antibiotics should not delay your ability to get dental implants too long because they are potent. After you are in good oral health, metal posts will be installed in your jawbones. The implants will then be screwed and secured inside of the posts.

Does Dental Insurance Cover the Procedure for Implants?

Since your teeth were knocked out, it is possible that your dental insurance will cover a portion of the expense for you. However, keep in mind that dental insurance does not typically cover cosmetic procedures, so it will depend on your individual policy. Expect your dental implants to cost an average of $2,400–$10,000 for each one depending on the condition of your oral health.

Don't allow your missing teeth to cause you embarrassment and prevent you from smiling. Allow a cosmetic dentist, such as Dynamic Dental Care Bryan Friedland, DMD, to assess your oral health and install dental implants as soon as it is in a good enough condition to undergo the procedure!