Are You Feeling Anxious About Dental Implant Surgery? Don’t Be

21 March 2023
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Dental anxiety is a common trait among US adults, with some studies determining that as many as one-third of Americans may suffer from this sometimes extreme phobia. Anxiety can rear its ugly head even for minor dental exams and procedures, but it can sometimes be debilitating when dealing with a more complicated surgery, such as dental implants. While many people write off anxiety, anyone who has experienced it first-hand knows that's it not " Read More 

Restoring Your Missing Tooth With A Dental Implant

10 February 2023
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Receiving a crown is a routine dental treatment for repairing severe tooth damage. Crowns can discretely restore a tooth's appearance and integrity. These tooth coverings are custom-made to match the patient's smile as closely as possible. This can even include adjusting the shade of the crown to better match the color of the patient's teeth.  A Mold Of The Tooth Will Be Taken To Ensure The Crown Fits Correctly The dental crown will have to fit the patient's tooth perfectly. Read More